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10 Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Checklist Items for Floridians


10 Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Checklist Items for Floridians

10 Spring Cleaning and Maintenance Checklist Items for Floridians

While the rest of the country struggles with cold rainy weather, March in Florida is dry, clear and sunny, making it the perfect time to go through your annual maintenance list as you spring clean.  Check these ten items to help protect your home and belongings.


  1. Have you noticed erosion caused by poor water drainage? Talk to your landscaper about ideas for preventing water runoff from taking your topsoil with it, and consider changing your yard’s landscaping to include native species to cut down on water usage.
  2. Take a look at all of your trees and tall shrubs. Do they touch your home, fence, or other structures? Trim them back and get rid of any old, weak, or diseased limbs that could fall and cause damage in high winds. 

Home exterior

  1. If your gutters get clogged, it can cause water to seep down between the external and internal walls of your home. Cleaning, checking for leaks, and sealing your gutters should be done every spring to clear out any debris.
  2. Is your roof still fully intact? Last year’s storms may not have seemed to have affected your home, but it’s best to get a clear picture of your roof before the new season starts. A licensed, bonded and insured professional can be hired to take comprehensive images of your roof and note any imperfections.

Water features

  1. Your sprinkler heads should be tested for appropriate spray coverage, and all hoses or piping checked for cracks and leaks before summer hits. Don’t forget that your area may have local water ordinances that must be observed.
  2. Your pool should be regularly maintained, but in case you missed a month, take a look at your pump and filter and your pool enclosure to make sure everything is in working order and minimize risks.


  1. Check your garden shed, boathouse, and garage for any dangerous chemicals, and keep an eye out for snakes or wildlife. If you haven’t used these spaces in a while, you could have unwelcome guests and might need to call a pest removal service.
  2. If your property experienced heavy winds in the past year, check your fences to look for any damage. Double check fences near a pool, as you don’t want to risk a child or pet wandering onto your property and gaining access.

Home interior

  1. Water loss can be identified by turning off all valves in the house and then checking the meter outside to see if it is still moving. You can often catch leaks early with this trick.
  2. For fire safety, check your extinguisher charge and smoke detector batteries. Also inspect all electrical plugs for signs of discoloration, softened plastic, or scorch marks.

This checklist can help you get ready for spring, and lower the risk of damage to your home or belongings from a preventable cause.

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