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Ask Your Agent Series, Part 2: Are my pool enclosure screen and frames covered?


Ask Your Agent Series, Part Two- Are my pool enclosure screen and frames covered

Ask Your Agent Series, Part 2: Are my pool enclosure screen and frames covered?

Welcome to the continuation of our latest article series from Olympus Insurance. In October, we’re focusing on questions policyholders should be planning to ask their insurance agents, and that agents should be prepared to answer.

Our second topic is pool enclosures. A high percentage of Floridians have an in-ground pool, and state law requires that swimming pools be enclosed for public safety. But is your pool enclosure covered against damage? Here’s what Florida homeowners need to know.

The law in regard to residential swimming pools in Florida

According to Florida statute, residential pools in Florida must be completely enclosed with a barrier at least four feet high that can be locked. A home wall can serve as one or more sides of the barrier, as long as access through the home can also be locked. This reduces the risk of a child, adult, or pet gaining unsupervised access to the pool, falling in, and drowning.

Attached pool enclosures

Most pool enclosures are attached to the main home on the property. These are the easiest to insure, with most policy language specifying attached pool enclosures when discussing coverage. Olympus provides coverage for attached pool enclosures in our standard HO3 policy.

Pool enclosure frames and screens

A typical pool enclosure has two components: the frame, which forms the structure, and the screen, which provides the actual barrier. Some policies only cover one component, meaning you can be out a significant amount of money if your policy only covers the frame and your screen has been torn by flying debris. Olympus insurance policies provide replacement cost coverage for both the frame and the screen if damage is caused by a covered peril.

Mitigating pool enclosure damage

You can reduce the risk of damage to your pool enclosure by doing the following in advance of each storm season:

These tips can help you protect your pool enclosure against damage, and help you avoid repeated claims.

Not sure what your pool enclosure coverage is? Ask your agent today.

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