Why Agents Love Writing Olympus Insurance Homeowners Policies

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In the age of the internet, all it takes to get a homeowners insurance quote is a few clicks of a button – and the three lowest quotes show up right at the top. However, for insurance agents who sell policies based on quality instead of cost, Olympus delivers the comprehensive coverage they are looking for. Here’s what six agents had to say about why they love to write Olympus policies for their clients.


Olympus delivers coverage in a standard HO3 policy that consistently impresses agents and satisfies homeowners:

“People shopping for insurance are often at a crossroads in their lives,” says Whitney Ricci of Palm Insurance. “They are buying a home, starting a business, having a baby. It’s exciting! Then there is the other side, when they need to file a claim… and if we’ve done our job right on the front end – by recommending the right coverage – then we get to be heroes, because their insurance is there for them. I have my own insurance through Olympus, and recommend it to many homeowners, because the coverages available from Olympus include so many things other policies don’t.”

Agents who believe in “policy over premium” find the perfect partner in Olympus Insurance:

Jeff Italiano of Italiano Insurance says, “We don’t believe in writing policies based on price alone. In many cases, the homeowner doesn’t even realize they could have paid just a little more money for a lot more coverage. I want my agents to ensure the homeowner has all the relevant information, so they can make an educated choice. I know I can count on Olympus to take care of my clients’ best interests.”


Special endorsement options, flexible hurricane deductibles, and case by case decision making deliver an experience that lets agents shine:

Mike Tarzia of Brightway Insurance says, “Based on how they underwrite, Olympus is a perfect fit for a lot of the homes and areas we write. They are very competitive on 2002 and newer homes, and that’s our wheelhouse. They have nice endorsements and deductible options, and they have a really nice platform that makes it very easy to sell. If I present a risk on the line of being eligible, I will reach out and discuss the specifics of the situation. If it makes sense to all parties, Olympus has been open to stepping outside the box and moving ahead with coverage. This willingness has been very important to me as an agent.”

Homeowners with top tier homes and expensive luxury items can get all of the coverage they need to have peace of mind:

“Olympus gives us flexibility for clients,” says Patrick Lacy of Plastridge Insurance. “They provide the capacity to put homeowners insurance on the books for us that other companies don’t have, a different business model that allows us to place homeowner accounts with them that other companies can’t accommodate because of limited ability of other carriers to take more risk. For these clients, Olympus offers exceptional, tailored coverage for a fair price. That’s very positive for us.”


Olympus supports agents from every angle, with printed materials to hand out to homeowners, to a fraud prevention video library, to social media channels to foster communication and disseminate information.

Susan Godsey of Rothrock and Associates says, “Olympus really delivers when it comes to communication, and that’s why Rothrock and Associates writes so many Olympus policies. They continually send us materials to help us communicate with and educate our clients, and everything is so reader friendly. I especially love the INK Newsletter we get from Olympus every quarter – it’s absolutely exceptional. We always use references from the newsletter in our own materials, because it lays everything out bullet by bullet in clear, easy to understand language. There’s no guesswork when it comes to an Olympus policy, and no holes in coverage.”

With Olympus, agents get a true partner who has their back every step of the way, from underwriting to claims.

“Everyone at Olympus makes you feel like part of the team – not just a number, but part of the family… we can go to them with anything, and get the answers you need,” say Jana and Chris McDonald of Term Brokers Insurance. “Claims handling is also phenomenal – everyone is really happy with the process, the company, and the ease of making payments. Olympus is a lifelong partner, we will be with them always!”

With Olympus on their side, agents can feel confident in the knowledge that their clients have the best possible coverage tailored for their specific needs.

“At the end of the day, I know my clients have a choice in who to trust with handling their policy,” says Whitney. “That means I need to offer the best products, provide the best service, and hire the best people – so we can BE the best option out there for our policyholders and their homes.”

Does your agency offer Olympus Insurance policies? If not, now could be the perfect time to start.

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