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Have a Safe Fourth of July With These 3 Helpful Tips for Florida Homeowners

Useful Tips for Florida Homeowners to Stay Safe This Fourth Of July


A Florida Family Having a Safe Fourth of July

Have a Safe Fourth of July With These 3 Helpful Tips for Florida Homeowners

The Fourth of July is an exciting holiday for Americans. It’s a celebration of Independence and summertime, and backyard barbeques and pool parties are the order of the day. We’ve collected some tips to help remind you about safety for your family, your guests, and your home so that you have a safe Fourth of July holiday.

1. Grill safety tips

Whether you have a gas or electric grill or prefer a pit to roast your hot dogs and s’mores over, fire safety should be at the top of your list when cooking outdoors. To have a safe Fourth of July remember to:

Make sure to cook foods thoroughly and douse your fire completely after you’re done cooking to reduce the risks of a home fire.

2. Pool safety tips

When you’re having a party, it can be easy to lose sight of a child for just a minute – and in that minute, they can get into trouble if they aren’t able to swim, or if they fall in the pool and hit their head. Be sure to follow these water safety guidelines to prevent accidental drowning and keep your pool itself safe:

3. Fireworks safety tips

Fireworks are a traditional part of Fourth of July celebrations, but can pose significant safety risks to both people and property. If you choose to set off fireworks at home, first make sure to check on local laws for your city. Then follow these firework safety guidelines to ensure your safe Fourth of July celebrations:

By following these guidelines, and asking everyone at your gathering to do the same, you can help keep your friends, family, and property safe during Fourth of July weekend festivities. If you have more questions about having a safe Fourth of July do not hesitate to contact us about it.

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