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Leadership Team

Our leadership team uses a round table approach, fostering an environment that encourages innovation and collaboration.


Tim Stroble - CEO

Tim Stroble

Chief Executive Officer

Tim Cotton - COO

Tim Cotton

Chief Operations Officer

Lyle Freedman, CIO

Lyle Freedman

Chief Information Officer

Jason Berkey VP of Actuarial services

Jason Berkey

Vice President of Actuarial services

Kimberly Law, VP of Legal

Kimberly Law

Vice President of Legal

Kevin May, VP of Reinsurance

Kevin May

Vice President of Reinsurance

Andrea Mineo, VP of Underwriting

Andrea Mineo

Vice President of Underwriting

John Ter Louw, Controller

John Ter Louw


Jim Carpenter, Assistant VP of Sales

Jim Carpenter

Assistant Vice President of Sales

Tracey Latson, Assistant VP of Claims

Tracey Latson

Assistant Vice President of Claims

Brian Maries, AVP of Claims

Brian Maries

Assistant Vice President of Claims

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