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Plastridge Insurance Agency

Plastridge Insurance Agency

The word longevity implies length of service and seniority. Established in South Florida in 1919, Plastridge Insurance Agency is one of the first agents to partner with Olympus Insurance almost a decade ago. Our mutual standard in excellence is shared in our respective product offerings, from Olympus’ quality homeowners policies, to the professionalism and knowledge of the Plastridge staff, to the homeowner who benefits from the tailored coverage. Licensed throughout most of the United States, Plastridge Insurance currently has five locations throughout Broward, Palm Beach and Martin counties and the firm employs more than 110 professionals.

“The lack of any criticism or complaints about the Olympus claims process is very telling. It says loud and clear that Olympus is doing an excellent job with the claims service,” said Patrick Lacy, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Plastridge Insurance. “I’ve had no negative feedback about Olympus.”

Lacy has been selling insurance for approximately 32 years, and he brings that depth of experience to his work. “I’ve sold every kind of insurance product purveyed out there—warranties, car insurance, property insurance, life and health. I’ve had enough experience everywhere to add that value to every transaction,” he said. ”I think my favorite thing about selling insurance is the interaction with people—clients, vendors, other agents.”

Often the role of an insurance agent turns to educator. Lacy finds that a common misunderstanding that homeowners have about their property insurance is that it is not meant to cover maintenance like leaky faucets and roofs. Rather, the coverage is for loss from an event like a tornado, storm or fire. “And in fact, these types of claims are driving premiums higher and making coverage more difficult to get in the state of Florida,” added Lacy.

Lacy explained that the reason Plastridge Insurance decided to carry Olympus Insurance was their flexibility for a certain type of client. “They had some capacity to put homeowners insurance on the books for us that other companies didn’t have, a different business model that allowed us to place accounts with them that other companies couldn’t accommodate because of limited ability of other carriers to take more risk.”

In addition to the flexibility, Plastridge Insurance liked the pricing for the boutique Olympus offering. “For the right client, Olympus offers tailored coverage for a fair price,” Lacy noted.

In an industry whose success is heavily defined by strong relationships, Plastridge Insurance and Olympus Insurance have enjoyed very positive interactions. “We get along really well. With other companies, if someone has an issue with underwriting or claims, I field a lot of those calls. I just don’t get them with Olympus. They come by at appropriate times to talk to us. They offer boutique service to us, and we can call anyone we need to talk to. That’s very positive for us.”

Owned by Tom Lynch, a long-time resident of Delray Beach, former Mayor and City Councilperson, Plastridge Insurance Agency wholeheartedly serves the local community. Lacy said, “It’s not about quid pro quo, I do this for you and you do that for me. It’s do you need help with anything? Can we help with our resources, volunteers, serving on a committee, giving advice?’ We don’t have a business model that says if you don’t pay us $100,000 we won’t do business with you. We accommodate even the local folks who have small policies with us, and we take an advocacy role in their insurance. We want to be the group in the community we serve that people can come to and we can help.”’

It’s this sincere approach to service and clients that has fueled Plastridge Insurance’s success and longevity in the South Florida market. It is a reflection of the durable success that Plastridge Insurance Agency and Olympus Insurance have enjoyed together.

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