The Five Cs of Homeowners Insurance, Part 3: Claims Service

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One in twenty Florida homes will require the filing of an insurance claim this year – assuming that no significant weather event increases this number. If you are one of the Floridians who will go through the claims process, are you prepared? Knowing what to expect can make the claims process easier to manage.

Step One: Making the Call

There is typically only one number you should dial when you pick up your phone to report damage to your home: that of your insurance carrier. Calling a plumber, roofer, or other home repair service first can lead to work being done that isn’t covered under your policy. Olympus Insurance offers many ways to report damage, including by phone, by email or by filing a claim online.

Step Two: Adjusting the Claim

The adjuster is responsible for appraising the damage to estimate the loss, and reviewing your coverage to correctly determine what disbarment of funds may need to be made. Olympus Insurance uses two types of adjusters – field adjusters, who visit your home if needed to personally view damage; and desk adjusters, who match losses to coverage and resolve the claim. In some cases, you can report damage using images and video, allowing the desk adjuster to handle the entire claims process remotely. In such cases, a field adjuster visit may not be necessary, and your claims can be handled more swiftly.

Step Three: Repairing the Damage

Once your loss has been verified, and your claim approved, you can move forward with replacing lost or damaged items and repairing damage to your home. When hiring a contractor, watch out for signs of AOB contractor fraud – if a contractor asks you to sign an AOB form, you could be signing away your rights under your policy. Contractor AOB fraud often involves an unscrupulous roofer, plumber, or other home repair agency inflating the damage. Always call your carrier before signing any documents.

Creating a Home Inventory  

There are many reasons to create a comprehensive home inventory list. When you have a full list of your belongings, their age and condition, when and where you bought them, and proof of purchase along with any pertinent model or serial numbers, determining your appropriate level of coverage is easier. If you have to file a claim, the process will be faster and smoother, and you’ll be able to ensure you’ve reported your loss accurately. 

When you have an Olympus Insurance policy, you have peace of mind knowing that help is only a step away if you experience a loss. Our claims service is second to none, and one reason why many of our policyholders stay with us and recommend us to family and friends. Ask for a quote today.

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