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Fraud Alert Video Library

Fraud directly affects homeowners insurance prices. Learn how to help avoid fraud and start fighting back.


Fraud Alert

Insurance fraud is a CRIME, and you should be informed about the consequences. Fraud affects everyone — not just the insurance company. When you, your neighbor, or your contractor commits fraud, insurance rates go up across the board — and now, with recent crackdowns in the industry, jail time could be involved. Lives, families, businesses and careers are ruined every day by insurance fraud. Protect yourself; don’t commit fraud, and report fraud when you know about it. Watch these important videos to learn more about the impact of insurance fraud on you and your premiums.


New Consumer Protection Coalition Video

Contractors who promise that you won’t have to pay a deductible are a red flag – they could be padding claims. That’s insurance fraud.

Inflating claims by lying about what was stolen only increases insurance rates – and fraud incurs stiff penalties.

Committing insurance fraud can have a negative impact on your life – and the lives of those around you.

Insurance fraud could lead to cancellation of policies, fines – and jail time. Don’t be tempted.

Every day, insurance fraud causes losses in millions of dollars – which means rates rise for everyone.

Signing an AOB form gives away your control and could lead to insurance fraud. Call Olympus first.

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