Who can Benefit from Olympus Insurance? Part 2: Florida Contractors 

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Olympus Insurance Company has been satisfying Florida insurance agents and homeowners for years, providing confidence and peace of mind:  

In our last blog, we looked at how Florida home builders can also benefit from everything Olympus has to offer. This week, we’re focusing on Florida contractors.

How does Olympus Insurance Benefit Contractors?

For most contractors, interaction with an insurance company happens when a claim is filed for damage done to the homeowner’s property. If all goes well, the appraisal of the damage is accurate, and the claim is adjusted for an amount suitable to cover the repairs. The contractor is able to complete the work to the homeowners satisfaction, and the insurance company is able to close the claim easily, with all parties satisfied.

Many insurance agents will tell you that in the case of filed claims, no news is good news. If the claims process stalls at any point, both homeowners and contractors can be unhappy. With Olympus Insurance, Florida based agents say that the claims process goes so smoothly they don’t have to worry.   

Honest contractors benefit just as much as homeowners when the insurance company is committed to high quality claims service. Olympus Insurance promotes the use of bonded and licensed Florida contractors who are known for doing good work.

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