The Five Cs of Homeowners Insurance, Part 1: Coverage

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What’s important when it comes to homeowners insurance coverage? For Floridians, certain needs stand out. The Sunshine State can present unique challenges for homeowners, so before you sign the paperwork on a homeowners insurance policy, check to make sure you are getting all of the coverage you need and deserve.

While a standard homeowners (HO3) policy can be expected to cover your home and its contents against damage across a wide range of general situations, when it comes to specifics, coverages can vary widely. Ask your agent about the following to find out what your current policy covers in regard to the following:


Other structures considered buildings typically include a guest house, a garden, tool, or work sheds or even a he or she shed that stands alone and acts as a private getaway. With Olympus Insurance, structures considered buildings are covered at 100% replacement cost. For other structures not considered buildings, such as fencing and certain other detached structures, Olympus Insurance provides Actual Cash Value (ACV) coverage, meaning you’ll be reimbursed based on the depreciated value of the structure. 


Water damage that is not weather related accounts for some of the costliest claims and repairs for Floridians. Olympus Insurance offers one of the broadest water damage coverages available. If your home experiences water damage, call Olympus Insurance first.


Your pool enclosure can be one of the most vulnerable areas of your home, especially when storm season arrives. Many policies only offer ACV coverage for pool enclosures, or only cover one component. Olympus Insurance offers 100% full replacement coverage on most pool enclosures, including the frames and the screens.  


Many policies now exclude damage done to personal property if there are no holes in the roof, walls, or windows of your home – some might even extend this exclusion to your home yourself. Olympus Insurance customarily covers damage caused by wind-driven rain even in the absence of a clear entry point into your home.  


Olympus Insurance offers a comprehensive Dwelling Under Construction policy that not only provides coverage for building materials stolen from a worksite, but can be easily rewritten to a homeowners (HO3) policy with Olympus Insurance once the new home construction is complete.

Every dollar you spend on your premium should deliver great value, which is why at Olympus Insurance, the focus is on coverage over cost. Comparing coverages can give you a clear idea of what your premium dollars are buying for you, and can help you make an educated decision about your homeowners insurance coverage.

This article is for informational purposes only and does not form a part of, replace, change or amend any terms, conditions, provisions or language within your Olympus Insurance policy. We encourage you to read your entire policy.

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