Seven Tips for Preventing and Mitigating Water Damage

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Are you ready and able to prevent or mitigate water damage to your home? Water damage claims account for the second highest incidence on homeowners insurance claims made in Florida each year, and the frequency and cost of water damage claims has increased by the most year over year for the past decade.  

There are several ways you can help mitigate or prevent the likelihood of water damage happening to your home.

  1. Clean out your gutters. Debris can blow into gutters and clog them, allowing backup and water leaks inside the walls of your home. Keeping gutters clean can help allow rainwater to flow away from your home as intended, preventing water damage.
  2. Check your sump pump. Broken sump pumps are often the cause of rising water in your home’s sump basin, and the excess water can flood back into your home and cause damage to flooring and belongings.
  3. Inspect pipes and hoses. Washing machine drain hoses, dishwasher seals, and burst pipes underneath a sink or in a wall can cause massive water damage to your laundry room, bathroom, or kitchen.
  4. Look for leaks. Installing a smart leak detector system in your home can save you time, trouble, and money by detecting the presence of moisture and sending an immediate alert to your smartphone. You can check the potential leak instantly, or even order valves to shut off remotely if you’re away from home.
  5. Control humidity. Over time, heavy humidity can do as much damage as an active water leak. You can use dehumidifiers and exhaust fans to help cut down on humidity and prevent mold and slow water damage.
  6. Insure with Olympus. Olympus offers one of the broadest water damage coverages available to Florida homeowners.
  7. Call Olympus first. If you do find water damage, call Olympus first. Shut off water, and help will arrive soon.

Water damage is also subject to the highest incidence of Assignment of Benefits (AOB) contractor fraud, so watch out for contractors who tell you to sign an AOB form for work to start, who offer to ‘waive the deductible”, or who pressure you to let repairs start before talking to your insurer.

One in fifty homes are subject to a water damage claim annually. Taking the correct steps can help you mitigate the water damage and have your life restored to normal as quickly as possible.

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