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March Outdoor Maintenance Checklist for Florida Homeowners


March Outdoor Maintenance Checklist for Florida Homeowners

March Outdoor Maintenance Checklist for Florida Homeowners

March is one of the driest months of the year in Florida, making it the perfect time to check as many items as possible off of your annual maintenance list.  Here are ten things that should be checked before summer begins, to help keep your home looking beautiful and your property safer all year long.

  1. Talk to your landscaper. This is the perfect time to decide what direction you want to take your yard in over the coming year. Consider native species if you decide to plant, and discuss soil erosion and water drainage options.
  2. Trim your trees back. Any branches that touch or overhang your house or outbuildings should be trimmed back and each tree on your property evaluated for health and stability, especially if your neighborhood has experienced flooding or hurricanes in the past.
  3. Look at your sprinkler heads and hoses. Each head should be tested for appropriate spray coverage, and all piping inspected for cracks or leaks. Don’t forget to check local watering ordinances.
  4. Clean out your gutters. Clogged up or leaking gutters can allow water to seep between the side of your home and the internal walls, causing serious water damage.
  5. Inspect your outbuildings. Small animals and reptiles often take up residence in seldom used spaces, so be prepared to call an exterminator or wildlife removal service if you find any critters hanging out in your shed or boathouse.
  6. Check your fences. Your property fencing may need repair if you’ve had strong winds or storms. Fencing around pools should be checked as well, to help prevent any animals or children from gaining unsupervised access.
  7. Replace pool filters if needed. Dirty pool filters can cause issues with your pool pump, and even lead to a fire. Regularly maintaining your pool can help reduce risks.
  8. Inspect your roof. Before storm season comes is the best time to review the state of your roof. Hire a professional to go up and take photos of the roof’s current condition, and file them away in case you need them at a later date. 
  9. Look for leaks. Turn off all water sources inside and outside, then check your water meter and note the reading. Check again in an hour. If water flow is registering, you probably have a leak somewhere that needs to be found and fixed. 
  10. Evaluate the sewers. If you live downhill from a sewer line, or in an area with pressurized lines, have your grinder pump professionally checked to help reduce risk of backflow into your home.

By completing this checklist, you can help reduce the chances of damage to your home and help lower the likelihood of needing to file an insurance claim.  You can also start prepping for storm season as part of your annual spring maintenance.

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