Higher Rates for Florida Homeowners Insurance?

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Prepare to be shocked—and angry

We all know that a number of factors affect insurance rates, from high-dollar storm damage to solid underwriting practices that control risk.

But the crisis facing Florida’s insurance industry today is fraud—clear, simple, avoidable fraud.

A legal tool known as Assignment of Benefits (AOB) is intended to speed repairs with direct payments from insurers to contractors. In Florida, shady operators are using AOB clauses to pressure and deceive homeowners into signing away their rights—then they inflate costs and team up with lawyers. Whether the insurance company settles or enters a legal battle, payouts soar and rates rise.

How can you avoid the AOB trap?

Stay in control by calling Olympus first. Our claims specialists are available around the clock at 866-281-2242. Your insurance dollar deserves the fastest possible response—including trustworthy emergency service.

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