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From the Olympus Claims Team: Water Damage Gone Wild  

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From the Olympus Claims Team: Water Damage Gone Wild  

Water damage from non-weather-related causes are often referred to as “leakage/seepage” claims, and some coverage should be available through your HO3 policy. However, not all water damage in a home is caused by a pipe bursting or a faulty clothes or dish washing machine.  

Water Damage Caused by Animals 

The Olympus Insurance Claims Team has seen several cases in which an animal has managed to access a tap and cause a minor household flood. In one case, a dog turned on the water in a tub, and it overflowed. In another, a cat turned on the water in a sink, causing major spillage. 

In most cases, accidental water damage caused by similar incidents involving household pets is covered. Other potential water claims caused by animals can include pipes chewed into by squirrels or other rodents who get into the attic or inside the walls of a home and gnaw at electrical and water lines 

Other Potential Water Hazards 

The Olympus Claims Team also reports that water damage can occur over time or suddenly in any number of ways, but most incidents are preventable with careful and consistent home maintenance, adequate communication, and strict attention paid to surroundings. 

Leakage and seepage water damage claims account for the most claims after weather related damage in Florida.  The Olympus Claims Team is always ready to help you in time of need, and in case of water damage, you can call our water remediation partner, Rytech, for immediate assistance.   


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