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Five Practical Property Protection Tips if You Live in Florida  

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While it is impossible to completely flood-proof a property, there are many things you can do to reduce flood damage to your home. Part of your evacuation preparedness plan can be implementing protection for your personal property in case of rising flood waters.  

Move Items Upstairs 

Furniture that can be relocated to the second floor (or even as far as a stair landing) can escape being soaked by flood waters. This is a great way to prevent upholstered and wood furniture from being ruined. You can invest in a stair climbing dolly that is designed to easily go up stairways if needed, or hire help.

Pack Clothes Away 

You can “vacuum pack” your clothing and linens to protect them. Bags designed to compress clothing and blankets for storage and keep bugs or moths away can also provide a level of waterproofing. Pack clothes you are leaving in as tightly as possible and vacuum out the air before finally sealing the bag tightly.  

Install High Shelving 

Shoulder high shelving can help keep items like small appliances, kitchenware, books, and décor out of the reach of flood waters. Put as much as you can in plastic bags and invest in moisture fighting packets to help keep humidity from encouraging mold growth. 

Cut the Power 

Unplug all minor and major appliances and roll up the cords. Wrap plastic bags around the cords and tape tightly. If possible, set appliances up on cinder blocks to reduce the chances of them becoming filled with water. Unplug everything else in the house, turn off the light switches, and (if possible) cut power to your home before you leave. 

Resist the Flood 

Reinforced windows and hip roofs can help protect against wind-driven rain if flooding is being caused by a violent storm system. A two foot wall of sandbags may also hold back water, and a rubber dam could also be an option.    

Using these options may be able to save your property from damage in case of a flood. Having a flood insurance policy and a complete home inventory list can help you recover your losses if a major flood causes damage to your home and property.  


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