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Does Your Family Have an Emergency Plan in Place for Storm Season? 

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Summer in Florida can mean mild storms, major storms, or even landfall of a high-powered hurricane. Being prepared in case of an emergency is something the whole family can learn about together. Set aside a few hours to sit down and discuss what to do in case of an emergency, and write down a plan to help keep everyone as safe as possible. 

Create a Hurricane Preparedness Kit 

The plan is simplest if an emergency happens when everyone is together in the house. At that point, all you have to do is grab your hurricane preparedness kit and prepare to shelter in place, go to a designated safety zone, or evacuate. Make a list of must have items, such as food, water, medicines, flashlights and batteries, and a first aid kit. Ensure someone is in charge of checking the kit monthly to ensure it’s still stocked.  

Agree on a Meeting Place 

If an emergency comes on so suddenly that family members are still at work or school, having an agreed-on meeting place and a communications system in place can be vital. Decide where the meeting place is and the safest routes to get there. If you have small children, or anyone in the family has special needs or a disability look for options in your area for assistance. 

Work out a Communications Plan 

Have a system worked out to stay in touch and let other family members know you are ok. Prepping your phones to have important numbers stored under “ICE” settings can allow emergency personnel to reach family members even from locked phones. If someone is injured, or a child is found separated from their parents, this can allow for speedy notification and reunion. You can also add important medical information.  

Text, Don’t Call 

Texting is fast, easy, doesn’t overload communications networks if emergency services need the lines, and seems to be a service that is less affected in times of disaster. If the emergency is extremely widespread and chaotic, having a friend or family member outside the affected zone can allow each of you to check in to a single location and receive updates as other family members also check in.  

Review Your Plan Frequently 

If an emergency does occur, you want to be certain that your entire family knows what to do and that no-one panics. Reviewing your emergency plan every two or three weeks can help keep the steps fresh in everyone’s minds.  

Olympus’ Emergency Weather Alert system can let you know when a hurricane watch or warning is in effect and provide regular updates during an emergency. You can also download these helpful hurricane season apps. 


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