Across the State of Florida, Homeowners are Paying for AOB Fraud

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Do You Know How to Protect Yourself from AOB Fraud?

Thousands of homeowners have no idea that the biggest reason for insurance rates going up isn’t to increase profits – instead, it’s because of the massive payouts every year due to insurance fraud.

When you think of insurance fraud, your first thought might be the classic “slip and fall” con from shows like “Better Call Saul”, or that neighbor you overheard bragging about how he claims his television was a 42 inch, not a 30 inch after a robbery.

The most common kind of fraud, however, is perpetrated not by homeowners themselves, but by contractors seeking to pad claims and charge the insurance company using inflated invoices. They take advantage of stressed and worried homeowners by pressuring them into signing “Assignment of Benefits” (AOB) form.The con is simple. A roofer or other contractor shows up (either in response to a panicked call or often uninvited), says they can fix your problems right away, promises you won’t even have to pay your deductible, and informs you they’ll work directly with your insurance company – and then tells you all you have to do to get the ball rolling is sign a form.

The problem with signing an AOB form is that you instantly sign away all of the rights and benefits your insurance company provides you with. The contractor can then try to bill your insurance company for all kinds of work, regardless of whether it was needed or not.

If an investigation shows the bills submitted were falsified, the insurance company will refuse to pay – and then the scenario gets even worse for you as the homeowner. Either the company will come after you to pay the balance of their inflated claim, or they can actually use the AOB form to sue your insurance company fraudulently “on your behalf” – without your knowledge or consent.

You can avoid AOB fraud by following these steps:

Help fight fraud by not becoming complicit yourself and by reporting insurance fraud when you know about it or suspect a company is trying to commit fraud.

Suspect Fraud? Call the Olympus Policyholders Fraud Reporting Hotline

Olympus Insurance is committed to the prevention of fraud, harassment, and unethical behavior.  Please contact our Special Investigations Unit at the number below to anonymously report fraud, harassment and unethical behavior.

Special Investigations Unit: 866.281.2242

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