7 Tips for Your Storm Season Safety Plan

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Two main factors in storm season safety are preparing for the risks and acting on those preparations when alerted by emergency officials. Preparing for risks means having a plan in place and items ready to go in case you have to evacuate or shelter in place. Hopefully you’ll never need your plan, but if you do, it could make a world of difference.

Imagine having calm in a time of crisis, as each family member has their plan ready, their bag packed, and knows where to go and what to do. Creating your family’s storm safety plan can be the focus of a fun family night, and provide peace of mind in the months ahead.

Be educated

Know if you live in an evacuation area, and know your home’s vulnerability to storm surge, flooding and wind.  You can help explain weather hazards to young children and prepare them for possible action without frightening them using kid friendly resources for hurricane awareness.

Your emergency plan

Your family members may not all be in the same place when bad weather hits. Make a plan for each of the following:

Create a contact list

Make a list of contact information for reference, and ensure that everyone has one both in hard copy and in their mobile phone contacts. This should include your local county and city officials, emergency numbers, hospitals, utilities, the American Red Cross, and your insurance carrier.

Pack an emergency kit

Your emergency kit should include:

Plan for pets

If you have animals in the home, make a plan for their safety as well. Every year rescue personnel put themselves and others at risk attempting to save trapped household pets. If severe flooding is likely, it is best to take pets with you or set them loose to seek high ground. Trackable microchips can help you recover them later.

Follow recommended health guidelines

In severe disasters, be careful what you eat and drink. Contaminated water can cause severe health issues. Review the Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) hurricane guidelines and remember to follow the U.S. Food & Drug Administration’s (FDA) food and water safety guidelines during disasters.


If the storm is deemed severe enough to require evacuation, have a plan in place and stay updated on instructions from local authorities. Don’t return to a dangerous area until the all clear has been given.

Following these and hurricane preparedness tips can help you weather the 2017 storm season safely.

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