Who can Benefit from Olympus Insurance? Part 1: Florida Home Builders 

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Olympus Insurance is a great option for Floridians across the board. Each policy is designed for maximum protection and convenience. The benefits to agents and homeowners are increasingly obvious with each passing year.

However, there are additional parties who can also reap the benefits of a Florida insurer focused on quality homeowners coverage. One such party is the home builder, who can guide homeowners in their decision making for mutual benefit.

Before the Build

Thinking about insurance coverage before a home is even built can save Florida homeowners thousands of dollars in the years ahead. Builders can encourage future homeowners to discuss their building plans with an Olympus insurance agent before the design is finalized. They may discover there are advantages to specific design elements that can be implemented in their new home, such as:

By thinking about these items during the design stage, many slight changes can be made that will allow homeowners to reap huge benefits in the years ahead.

During the Build

When a new Florida home is in the build stage, builders can refer their clients to Olympus to secure Dwelling Under Construction coverage that protects the property from common perils. Olympus can even provide protection in the event of building materials being stolen from the site. If a hurricane destroys the home in progress, the homeowner can be covered against the loss and begin anew.

After the Build

Once a new home is complete, a Dwelling Under Construction policy can be easily rewritten to a standard homeowners (HO3) policy. The homeowner will be happy that they got such great advice from their builder for the protection of their new home.

If you are a builder in the State of Florida, and are interested in learning more about Olympus Insurance, contact us for more details. If you are having a new home built and want to know about potential discounts or need Dwelling Under Construction coverage, ask an agent for information or a quote today.

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