Who can Benefit From Olympus Insurance? Part 4: Florida Real Estate Agents

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Florida real estate agents are accustomed to the question, “So, who is a good homeowners insurance carrier here in Florida?” When they insure with Olympus, homeowners new to Florida don’t have to worry – they are protected by one of the broadest coverages in the market against water damage, fire, hurricanes, and more. 

If you are a real estate agent showing properties in Florida, your buyers may be looking for several things in their new home. Each item on their list can be addressed from an insurance standpoint, and being able to recommend a company that meets all of their needs and provides broad coverage can make you look like a hero.

Building a New Home

If your buyers are looking for a property with the intent to build a new home, Dwelling Under Construction coverage can protect the property from common perils. Olympus even provides protection against losses caused by building materials being stolen from the site. If a hurricane destroys the home in progress, the homeowner will also be covered against the loss and can rebuild after their deductible is paid. Once the new home is complete, a Dwelling Under Construction policy can be easily rewritten to a standard homeowners (HO3) policy. 

Homes with a Pool or Outbuildings

Homeowners with an in-ground pool and a large attached pool enclosure may worry about wind damage. Olympus policies cover attached pool enclosures, including both frames and screens, at full replacement cost. The same goes for structures considered buildings, like a shed or a guest house. Other structures, such as fencing are covered at actual cash value. 

Homes on the Coast

Olympus offers coverage with wind in most zip codes, and your homebuyers can take advantage of any risk mitigation previous owners may have installed in a luxury home. Let them know about Olympus’ wind-driven rain coverage (applicable even if there are no holes in the roof or windows) and wind mitigation and hip roof discounts. 

Additional Benefits

Homes located in secure communities can also qualify for a discounted premium, and physical security systems may also be a way to save on high quality coverage. As you show properties and questions come up, you can point to various ways Olympus homeowners insurance coverage can provide protection, such as our broad water damage coverage, or optional flat hurricane deductibles.

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