What are CAT Sites and How do They Work? 

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Hurricanes are a seasonal concern for Florida residents. Temporary power outages, disruption of other utilities or phone service, flooding due to extreme storm surges or overwhelmed sewer systems, and damage done by high winds and rain can lead to difficulty in doing day to day tasks or even displacement. 

Most major insurance companies in Florida have a specific catastrophe plan. This plan is designed to help policyholders obtain the help they need in the aftermath of a catastrophic event. This plan includes participating in catastrophe management centers, or CAT Sites. Olympus Insurance’s catastrophe plan is designed to help policyholders in their hour of greatest need. 

What is a CAT Site? 

Florida officials set up Catastrophe (CAT) Sites in severely affected areas after a disaster such as a major hurricane. This allows disaster emergency assistance and other services to be managed and administered. Each CAT Site centralizes a variety of relief services, from local and state organizations to the American Red Cross and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).  

How Do CAT Sites Work? 

Depending on your needs, a CAT Site may be able to give you access to services you need or organizations that offer aid. Olympus Insurance, like most other insurers, will dispatch a team to set up in a van or RV at the CAT Site to answer questions, file claims, and distribute “loss of use” funds to pay for lodging, food, and other policyholder needs.  

After Irma, multiple CAT Sites were set up in impacted cities to allow residents to access help with emergency disbursements, relocation, insurance claim filings, and more. Olympus Insurance had teams on-site so policyholders in immediate need could access their policy benefits, and claims were able to be filed on site. 

Staying Informed 

During a catastrophe, the location of each CAT Site is widely publicized across every possible media channel. Real-time information about urgent and emergency messages during a weather event as well as specific CAT Site locations can also be found on Olympus Insurance’s social media pages by following Olympus on Facebook or Twitter. 

You can also directly contact many relief agencies through their website or by phone. Resources that are generally available via a CAT Site booth include: 


CAT Sites can be an incredible source of help and comfort in areas affected by catastrophic weather events. If you need help from Olympus, you can also reach us by visiting our website, by calling 866.281.2242, by emailing us at [email protected], or by filing a claim online. 


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