Ways to Potentially Reduce Property Taxes on Your Florida Home

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Property tax burdens for Floridians can be a significant expense each year, even if they are rolled into the monthly mortgage payment. There are several ways to help reduce property tax burdens, and they are worth exploring.

Appealing your Home’s Taxable Value

Any homeowner can ask for their home to be reassessed to determine its taxable value. If the appeals board reduces the value of the home, the tax burden will be lowered, because the property tax is computed by multiplying the home’s taxable value by the current tax rate.

In order to increase your chances for a successful property tax appeal you will need to show that the tax appraiser made one of the following errors:

Meeting Requirements for Property Tax Breaks

There are many tax breaks for property owners that most people aren’t aware of. You can possibly reduce your property tax burden for your Florida home if you meet one or more of the following requirements:

More information on property tax breaks in Florida can be obtained from the Florida Department of Revenue.


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