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Three Travel Tips for The 2018 Holiday Season

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Planning to travel this holiday season? There are several things you can do when planning your holidays to make your trip more enjoyable. Thinking ahead is key, and following these three suggestions can help improve your security and safety when you travel.

Keep Your Travel Plans Under Wraps

In this social media age, information about any individual, their location, their belongings and their plans can be readily available to would-be thieves of every stripe. Don’t publicize your travel plans in advance, and don’t post photos of your holiday trip until you are safely home again. By safeguarding your whereabouts, you can make it harder for physical thieves and identity thieves to plan a burglary or a con. Also consider not advertising any expensive gifts you may receive over the holidays or posting images of your vehicle. A favorite plan of burglars is to cruise parking lots or neighborhoods and either steal entire vehicles, or pop the trunk and clean it out. If they know where to find you, what your car looks like, and what might be inside, it’s a tempting opportunity.

Safeguard Your Finances and Valuables

Book flights, hotels, car rentals, and other travel related expenses on a credit card tied to an account with a limited amount of money in it. That way if your card information is stolen, only a limited amount of funds is in play. You can always transfer more funds into the account if needed. Carry your various credit and debit cards in different places, so if a wallet or purse is stolen you don’t lose all access to funds. Also consider carrying a limited amount of cash for emergencies. If you stay in a hotel, ask for a room safe to keep valuables and an emergency stash of money in.

Take Advantage of Homeowners Insurance Policy Endorsements

Your homeowners insurance policy should cover belongings that are normally stored in your residence when you are traveling as well. Valuables like jewelry, watches, electronics, and other luxury items have coverage while you are on vacation and carrying them with you. If you add Spartan Enhanced Coverage, you can increase limits for items that exceed the coverage your standard HO3 homeowners policy offers, and also gain coverage for reimbursement of costs incurred if you are victimized by identity thieves.

Using these tips can help you have a fun, safe holiday vacation and allow you to be free from anxiety during your travels.


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