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Three Home Improvements that Could Lower Your Insurance Premium 


Three Home Improvements that Could Lower Your Insurance Premium Large

Three Home Improvements that Could Lower Your Insurance Premium

A Florida home can be the most significant purchase you will ever make. The insurance you carry on your home can have a major impact on how you withstand a weather catastrophe or burst pipe. Is your home adequately protected?

For comprehensive homeowners insurance that provides superior coverage for your belongings and your home, premiums can be substantial. This is especially true in the state of Florida, where insurance fraud contributes heavily to rising homeowners insurance rates. However, there are ways you can lower your premiums without sacrificing quality coverage.

These three home improvement ideas can help you qualify for homeowners insurance discounts:


A high-quality fence can help protect your home against burglary or vandalism. If you have a pool, a fence or pool enclosure can also provide added security against unwanted access. In many cases, fencing and/or a pool enclosure can help reduce your insurance rates. Olympus Insurance covers pool screens as part of a standard homeowners insurance policy.

Home Security

Home security systems are frequently factored in when writing homeowners insurance policies. Monitored home security systems significantly reduce the chances of a successful burglary, and can provide for rapid police or fire response in an emergency. Proof that a contract with a response company has been signed can provide a good reason for your carrier to lower your premium.

Structural Upgrades

If your home is older, premiums at first glance may not be as competitive (although, with Olympus, you will often find that a higher premium includes many things other policies do not.) However, upgrading certain components of your aging home can help bring your premiums back down. Focus on your roof, old pipes, and old electrical wiring, and seek out reputable, licensed and bonded contractors to complete the renovation.

Whether you are a first-time homeowner seeking insurance cost savings, or are trying to find ways to lower the cost of home ownership, these tips can provide opportunities for premium discounts when it comes to your homeowners policy.

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