The Top 5 Smart Home Apps to Check Out in 2017

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smart home apps

Knowing your house is protected when you are away is a priority. Your Olympus homeowners insurance policy may be one way to help protect your home, and can give you peace of mind year-round. These five apps can provide you with dozens of additional options along with tips and tricks that can make your personal space even more comfortable and convenient in 2017.

  1. WeMo.This handy system from Belkin is designed to make any device you plug into the wall a “smart” device, operable via the WeMo app on your smartphone. Just plug the WeMo Switch into the wall; plug your device (coffeemaker, curling iron, etc) into the Switch; and download the app. Now you can double check to ensure all small appliances are off – and if you forgot, turn them off with a tap. You can also track energy use and regulate air conditioners, heaters, and lighting remotely. (App is available on iTunesGooglePlay, and Amazon.)
  2. Nest.This system aims to transform your home into safer space – with remote access to video cams, thermostat and timer regulation, and alerts from smoke or carbon monoxide detectors available in real time via the Nest app. Try Nest Protect to help guard against home fires, Nest Cam to help improve security and monitoring when you are away, and Nest Learning to help find the perfect temperature for your home, 24/7/365. (App is available on iTunes or Google Play.
  3. ADT Pulse.Have ADT Security? Help ramp it up with this app that can alert you instantly to problems in your home (such as break-ins or water leaks), and helps you access your home security system from anywhere, anytime. You can even turn your alarm on and off, test it, check motion sensors, view video feeds, and maintain normal lighting patterns when on vacation. (App is available on iTunes and Google Play.)
  4. Control4.This Amazon Echo compatible system lets you control everything with simple voice commands to Alexa. Arriving home to a dark house with arms full of bags? One command can turn on lights, get your favorite Pandora station queued up, and lock the door behind you. Have kids upstairs who think they can resume playing video games after you’ve said “Good night”? The bedtime command not only shuts off every light in the house, but shuts the WiFi off as well. (App is available for iPhoneAndroidAmazon Fire, and Windows)
  5. SmartThingsThis app is designed to learn about you and your habits, and gets smarter the more you use it. It can learn to unlock a second door after a first one is unlocked (such as a house entry door upon the garage door being unlocked using the app), turn off water if moisture levels are sensed in the wrong place (invaluable for flood avoidance), and more. (App is available for iPhoneAndroid, and Windows phones.)

These apps aren’t just about the convenience of home automation; they may also provide peace of mind when it comes to concerns about home security, and safety backups in case of flooding or fire. Check these five apps out and discover if you can make your own life easier in 2017 with the power of home automation and mobile technology!

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