The Five Cs of Homeowners Insurance, Part 4: Catastrophes

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With hurricane season comes the increased chance of a catastrophic weather event. You could be directly affected due to suffering losses and damage to your property and home; or you could be indirectly affected by power outages, disruption of water and other utilities, loss of phone service, or having to temporarily relocate. Hurricane preparedness and a catastrophe plan can help you weather the storm.

Hurricane Preparedness – are You, Your Home, and Your Family Ready?

Start with checking the exterior of your home to minimize risk in case of high winds and rain. From there, move to the interior of your home, looking for vulnerabilities and considering the possibility of flood waters. Next, check to make sure you have copies of any and all documents you might need in case of an emergency. Laminating a set of copies is a good idea, and you should keep a plain paper set of copies in a waterproof container. Update your home inventory as well. 

Having a catastrophe plan in place can help provide peace of mind in case of a severe weather event. This is something that should be reviewed annually by your entire family, and updated as needed. You can plan for potential evacuation by packing essentials and making sure everyone in your family knows the route as well as how to stay in communication. 

Does Your Insurance Carrier Have Their Own Catastrophe Plan? 

Your insurance company should have protocols in place to support their policyholders through a severe weather event.  Olympus Insurance has a catastrophe plan designed to help Florida homeowners before, during, and after a hurricane or other catastrophe. 

When a catastrophic event takes place in the state of Florida, the Olympus Insurance Catastrophe Claims Team sets up stations in severely affected areas. These CAT sites are designed to help speed the claims process for policyholders and disburse emergency loss-of-use funds and assistance for displaced homeowners to pay for food, lodging, and other needs.

Communications in Times of Catastrophe

Olympus Insurance provides emergency warnings to policyholders in case of severe weather alerts. The CAT Site location is also widely publicized across every possible media channel, and may also be disseminated by Olympus Insurance to policyholders via cell phone, email or pre-recorded messages if cellular and internet services are available.

During a catastrophe, real time information about urgent and emergency messages and specific CAT Site locations will be posted on Olympus Insurance social media pages, including Facebook and Twitter. You can use these helpful communications as well as official alerts on traditional media and radio channels to help guide you through evacuation or to a shelter or a CAT site as needed.  

When both you and your insurance carrier are fully prepared for a hurricane, the results can mean everything. Ask your agent what catastrophe plan is in place with your carrier, and make hurricane preparedness a priority for your family and home.

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