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The Evolution of Homeowners Insurance


The Evolution of Homeowners Insurance

The Evolution of Homeowners Insurance

A global pandemic can cause a cosmic shift in how people and businesses operate. As the current restrictions on business, travel and public activities continue (albeit temporarily), shifting needs of policyholders are being met seamlessly thanks to innovative technology and remote options that keep both homeowners and insurance industry workers comfortable and safe.

DIY Underwriting Home Inspections

When you purchase a homeowners insurance policy, an inspection is required to ensure that your home’s condition and contents are accurately recorded and in good working order and condition. Typically, this means having an inspector visit your home to perform the inspection.

Olympus Insurance has implemented an alternative home inspection option (for homes which require interior inspections only)  that complies with “social distancing” recommendations. Now, qualifying newly insured homeowners can “self-inspect” instead of having a third party vendor enter their residence for the required interior inspection.

How it works:

(If you can’t or don’t wish to complete the inspection yourself, after 7 days of the effective date, Olympus will follow normal business procedures and send out a third-party inspection company to complete your home inspection. Questions? Contact Olympus Policy Services at 800-711-9386.)

DIY and virtual options are just one more way Olympus Insurance works to meet and exceed expectations for our Florida homeowners when you need us the most.

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