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Six Things to Do Before Wintering In Florida


Six Things to Do Before Wintering In Florida

Six Things to Do Before Wintering In Florida

Are you planning on wintering in Florida? You’re packing up your suitcases and getting ready for a return to the Sunshine State. In between arranging for home security and wrapping pipes against a freeze in cold conditions up North, what about your waiting Florida home? Is it ready for your arrival?

Here are six things you should do before you arrive at your Florida residence for a balmy winter layover.

Repair and Remodel

Consider having work done on your Florida home before you arrive. Shutter installation and kitchen remodels can be done in advance of your arrival, to reduce the impact extra noise and workers on-site can have on what should be a peaceful getaway. If your roof is due for replacement, get it done when you’re still out of town. (Want a homeowners insurance discount? Get a hip roof.)

Pre-Check the Home

Have someone open the residence up and check for any issues. It’s not fun to arrive after a long flight and discover that a wild animal chewed through some wiring, or a slow leak in the bathroom caused mold to grow. Finding problems early can allow them to be rectified before your arrival. It’s also a wise idea to have the home checked on periodically while you are out of town.

Prepare for Arrival

Likewise, see if your friend or neighbor can turn on appliances if they were turned off in your absence, and purchase some food and other supplies to stock up before your arrival. Clean sheets on the bed and a bouquet of fresh flowers for the kitchen could be a welcome addition.

Car Registration and Insurance 

Is your vehicle registration and insurance in force? If not, make sure you plan in advance so you’re road legal. Cars registered in Florida must have Florida insurance. Cars registered outside Florida, if they are in Florida 90 days or more in one year (doesn’t have to be consecutive, just 90 days out of 365) must also have Florida insurance.

Homeowners Insurance

If your homeowners insurance premium is due or up for renewal, make sure you take care of that before you settle in. If you’re new to Florida, shopping around for home insurance should be a priority. Look for coverage over cost, and compare and contrast policies, asking your agent to show you the best value based on protection for your Florida home and personal property. 

By getting as many as possible of these tasks out of the way before you get on a plane, you can make your Florida winter getaway the peaceful interlude it should be.

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