Six Spring Maintenance Tips for Florida Homeowners

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It’s spring in Florida and that makes it an ideal time to do a little home maintenance in advance of the 2019 storm season. Having your home in top condition can help protect your investment and save you from hefty repairs in the long run, so use this list to check off annual home maintenance tasks.

Service your HVAC

A dirty filter or unchecked compressor can mean your air conditioning runs into difficulty as temperatures ramp up. Having your HVAC serviced in advance of summer months can mean your home stays nice and cool when heat and humidity take over the neighborhood. Don’t delay – waiting until something breaks down could mean waiting days for an HVAC service appointment.

Clean your Gutters

Depending on the landscaping around your home, your gutters could be full of leaves and debris or even the nests of birds or small mammals. Clogged gutters can lead to water seeping down the sides of your home, causing water damage that could go undiscovered for months. Call a gutter cleaning service and ask your agent about water damage coverage language in your existing homeowners insurance policy.

Check your Roof

Damage to your roof should be repaired before storm season hits, so have your roof checked by a reliable, licensed roofer. Watch out for potential Assignment of Benefits (AOB) contractor fraud and always call Olympus first if you believe you have roof damage that is due to a cause covered by your policy.

Prep your Pool

Whether your pool has been in continual use all winter or was closed up for a time, it’s a good idea to make checking it out part of your standard spring maintenance routine. Make sure the filter is changed and the pump is in good working order, and have your pool cleaned and the water quality checked before summer begins.

Sync your Sprinklers

Watering your lawn can keep it fresh and green, but double check with local municipalities and ensure your watering schedule matches approved regulations. Also, time your sprinklers for early morning and evening hours to reduce water lost to evaporation during the day or grass root rot at night.

Maintain your Equipment

Any and all power tools, landscaping machinery and golf carts should be thoroughly overhauled before summer begins. The number of golf cart related fires started in Florida garages every year is astonishing. While you are at it, clean out your garage and work-sheds and get rid of any hazards like oil soaked rags.

Having this entire checklist finished before the start of May can make your summer that much safer – for you, your home, and your family.

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