Water Damage

When disaster strikes, Olympus and Rytech are there for you to restore your home and make things right.

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As Soon As You Discover Water Damage, contact us first 24/7 at 866.281.2242.  Or, contact our preferred vendor, Rytech Water Restoration at 800.865.8787. Fast Response—guaranteed*.

PROTECT YOURSELF:  Don’t sign an Assignment of Benefits (AOB) form.  Although you always have a choice in the selection of vendors, we encourage you to watch the video below. The Olympus – Rytech relationship provides a seamless, unparalleled advantage when responding to water damage. For more information, click here.

The Olympus – Rytech Relationship

Olympus customers who are facing water damage can be in touch with a Rytech water-mitigation specialist within minutes—any time of the day or night. With most water clean-up companies quoting response times of four hours or longer, the Olympus-Rytech relationship offers a dramatic advantage in the middle of a water-damage nightmare.

You will never have to worry about finding a reliable restoration company, gathering multiple estimates or encountering issues with insurance coverage. One call to the 24/7 Olympus Claims line at 866.281.2242 ensures a response from a Rytech professional within 15 minutes or less—guaranteed*.

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Expert Rytech technicians will apply state-of-the-art drying process techniques to your property and issue a full written report to Olympus upon completion. Rytech gives you the added security and assurance of specialists who carry visible identification, arrive in clearly marked Rytech vehicles, and wear protective footwear to avoid soiling undamaged areas of your property.

Avoid Big Headaches with Free Rytech Services

Even small amounts of water can do substantial damage over time, so don’t wait for the first sign of visible trouble. Contact Rytech at 800.865.8787 for more information on free moisture evaluations as well as continuing education courses on water-damage restoration and mold remediation.

Rytech and Olympus working together: Just one more example of our commitment to set the industry benchmark for customer care. We hope you never have to deal with water damage at your home or rental property—but if you do, Olympus has you covered!



*Please note that response times may be extended during catastrophic weather events.

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