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Vital information to help protect your claim

Roofing Fraud is on the rise in Florida, particularly in areas that have recently experienced severe weather.  Immediately after a storm, roofing contractors canvass neighborhoods and often:

  • Offer free roof inspections
  • Exaggerate and falsify damage, make promises of a “free roof” or kickbacks to illegally offset deductibles thereby involving the homeowner with a felony offense
  • Have homeowners sign away their claim benefits through the use of an Assignment of Benefit clause under the false claim that its necessary for them to get paid directly by the insurance company

Before you allow anybody on your roof, make your first call to the Olympus Claims Line at 866.281.2242.



NEVER assign your claim benefits without consulting your insurance agent.

NEVER permit anyone on your roof without FIRST verifying with your insurance agent that they have the proper insurance to protect you and their workers.

NEVER let anyone jeopardize your coverage with BAD advice. We have no duty to provide coverage unless you:

Give us prompt notice.

Protect your property from further damage but ONLY to the extent necessary to protect it.

Notify us BEFORE beginning any repairs.


What you can expect with an Olympus Roof Repair

Should you incur a covered loss and Olympus exercises its option to repair it, the following are some items that will require your attention:

  1. Notice of Commencement signed by homeowner in the presence of a notary public.
  1. Deductible Check covering the insurance deductible made payable to Olympus Insurance.
  1. Letter of Approval from your Homeowners Association (if applicable) giving Olympus written approval from your HOA to pull the permit.
  1. Completed Permit Application (if applicable) when the building department requires the building permit to be signed by the homeowner and notarized.



  • Highest quality workmanship
  • 32 point quality assurance checklist
  • Shingles legally brought into Florida
  • Designed for Florida climate
  • Subject to Florida import tax
  • Proper roof decking (not general use 4×8 plywood)
  • Top quality flashing materials to prevent water penetration between shingles and vents, edges, etc. and wind damage
  • Nails, hooks, clips, and straps installed to newest building code or higher
  • Six nailing of shingles for maximum wind mitigation protection
  • Water membrane between shingle and decking
  • Most up to date roofing solutions


  • Maintain or improve ventilation to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Maintain or improve ventilation to insure proper function of appliances and HVAC
  • Installed pursuant to OSHA standards to protect your family and installers


  • Full liability insurance
  • Full worker’s compensation
  • Installers working legally in the United States and Florida


  • Warrantied from your licensed Florida Insurer that you can always find when you need them
  • 5 year workmanship warranty from roofing company
  • Warranty from shingle manufacturer for any defective materials


Our Claims Team will guide you through the process, provide all documentation and explain where necessary forms can be accessed. If you need any clarification about your claim throughout the process,  contact us at 866.281.2242 or via email at [email protected].


Claims Reporting:  866.28 l .2242
File A Claim Online
Claims Email:  [email protected]
P.O. Box 33117
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33420


*Refer to your policy for all terms, conditions and duties.  Please note, subject to all policy terms, Olympus may repair or replace your roof with materials of like kind and quality. Our preferred roofing installers do not, and cannot, advise you on coverage or any other contractual obligations of your Olympus insurance policy. Please direct any and all questions or concerns to your adjuster. 


This article is for informational purposes only and does not form a part of, replace, change or amend any terms, conditions, provisions or language within your Olympus Insurance policy. We encourage you to read your entire policy.

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