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Janice McCann

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Regional Product Manager – Southwest Florida

Janice has been with Olympus as the Southwest Florida Product Manager since December 2008 when Olympus brought marketing in-house.  She is a licensed 2-20 agent and has AAI designation, with a strong background in commercial printing and advertising. Prior to her career in insurance, Janice sold print advertising for a statewide magazine in her hometown of East Lansing before moving to Florida in 1980 to work for Sarasota Town and Country Magazine where she soon gained a promotion to Sales Manager.

Subsequently, Janice spent 10 years selling commercial printing and ended up again back in advertising working for the Pelican Press (a weekly Sarasota newspaper) and then the Sarasota Herald Tribune.  During this time Janice used her knowledge of printing and love of cooking to self- publish 3 cook books titles, which sold over 35,000 copies through local gift stores.

Janice’s knowledge of commercial printing, direct mail, newsprint, and broadcast advertising coupled with experience working on both the agency side and carrier side of the business allows her to bring a unique skill set to assisting Olympus agencies in expanding their potential growth.


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