After Irma: Five Things 
Florida Homeowners Should Know 

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In the aftermath of a massive weather event such as Hurricane Irma, if you were in one of the areas hardest hit, your focus is likely on recovery and moving forward. There are five things that can be helpful to know, especially if this is the first time you’ve experienced such an event. 

  1. It’s the perfect time to take a home inventory. If you were in a severely affected area, and experienced loss of items, this is an ideal opportunity to make a comprehensive list of items by photographing and saving images of: 

2. Your catastrophe plan may need an update. What was your experience during the weather event? Did everything go smoothly, or did you find holes in your plan?  Did everyone stay calm? Were your actions organized? Discuss with family members and figure out how to improve your storm safety and emergency plans in case of another event.  

3. After a catastrophic weather event, fraud reports increase. Hurricanes bring out unscrupulous persons seeking to take advantage. Always call Olympus first if you find or suspect home damage. Olympus is committed to helping you protect yourself from insurance fraud, and you can help protect your neighbors as well by sharing important information regarding how to spot fraudsters.

4. You do not have to sign an AOB form for your contractor to be paid directly. Do not sign an Assignment of Benefits form if asked to do so by a contractor without calling Olympus first. Some contractors will take advantage of consumers by asking you to sign over your policy benefits to them before starting repairs. If you sign an Assignment of Benefits form, you may no longer have the right to your insurance payments as those payments could belong to the contractor. If you sustained damage from Irma, or if someone is telling you that you have damage, contact Olympus before you sign away your rights. We are here for you 24/7.

5. You do not have to hire a public adjuster. Olympus works closely with you to adjust your claim and put you on the path to recovery. A public adjuster will charge you 3% or more of your entitled benefits under your policy, leaving you with less money to repair your home. If you have signed a contract with a someone presenting themselves a public adjuster, you may dissolve your agreement within 3 days of signing. Learn more about your rights and options by reviewing our Claims Kit. 

The storm may be over, but for some, the aftermath is not. Olympus will be here every step of the way until our policyholders are whole again. That’s our commitment to our fellow Floridians! 

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