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About  OI   C O N N E C T

Service Provider Portal
Finding the right professional assistance at a critical time avoids delay and reduces frustration and headaches. Best of all, Olympus customers never have to waste time trying to locate an available specialist. With OI C O N N E C T, service providers are not only vetted, they log into the system whenever they are able to accept an immediate project. “Help” is literally standing by!

Interact, Schedule, and Dispatch
Begin by searching the OI C O N N E C T database for the type of contractor you need. In making your selection, feel free to consider any ratings that might be available based on customer feedback. Keep in mind that Preferred Providers have earned exceptionally high levels of customer satisfaction. OI C O N N E C T links you directly to your chosen specialist, beginning with the first contact and following through until he or she reaches your door.

Real-time Tracking
One of the unique features of OI C O N N E C T is the ability to maintain interactive with your service provider from the moment you schedule the appointment. OI C O N N E C T allows you to track the location of your specialist and remain in contact along the way via text messaging. Just knowing that you have a direct communication link at such a difficult time brings an added measure of assurance.

Web and Mobile Access
Technology continues to change our lives in surprising and even amazing ways. OI C O N N E C T is one of them. All you need to take full advantage of OI C O N N E C T is an Internet-enabled device, from desktop and laptop computers to a smart phone, tablet or notebook, OI C O N N E C T and available Service Providers are standing by any time of the day or night.

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