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How Does Your Insurance Carrier Handle the Claims Process?

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One in four Florida homeowners will file a homeowners insurance claim in 2019. How their carrier handles the claims process can affect their day to day lives, and impact how they feel about their coverage. Knowing what to expect from the claims process and being prepared in the event of a claim can make all the difference – and so can having your HO3 policy with an insurance company committed to providing excellence in claims service to its policyholders.

Before a Loss Occurs

Does your insurance carrier educate you on how to best help protect yourself in advance of a loss? Olympus provides policyholders with helpful tips on documenting belongings and improving the safety of their homes, from a home inventory checklist to a library of videos detailing how to spot contractor insurance fraud. Having a complete list of all of your personal property complete with receipts and photos can often streamline the claims process.

In the Event of a Loss

What has your insurance carrier told you about how to react if you suspect a loss? Olympus reminds policyholders to always call your insurance company first. Watch out for contractors who offer to “check your roof for damage” after a storm – they could be planning to create damage in order to defraud your insurance company. With Olympus, you can have a roof inspection done by a qualified representative to check for damage.

The Claims Process

Olympus has a dedicated claims team made up of professional adjusters who can work with you to document your loss and adjust your claim. Depending on your case, you may be able to work solely with an in-office adjuster and receive a virtual adjustment of your claim, or one of our experienced field adjusters will meet you at your home at a time convenient to you to view the damages and provide a report to the in-office adjuster.


Once the claim is adjusted, any deductible owed must be paid, and then any payment determined to be made will be distributed. Payment may be made directly to the homeowner, given to the mortgage holder, or disbursed to a trusted third party if necessary (for example, Olympus partners with Rytech for water damage remediation, and if you call Rytech for a covered claim, Olympus will pay Rytech directly).

Having an insurance carrier that is there for you throughout the claims process can be invaluable. In the aftermath of hurricanes in 2018, Olympus claims teams traveled to catastrophe sites in areas most affected by the storms to provide emergency aid to policyholders in need. When you shop for an HO3 policy in Florida, look for a company with a track record of excellent customer and claims service.

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