Home Renovating During a Pandemic – What You Need to Know

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You’ve been spending a lot of time in your home this year, and you may have noticed a few things that could be improved. Find out what home renovation projects are perfect to tackle right now. 

Are You Working Remotely?

There’s nothing to make you notice little issues with your home like having the whole family home day after night after week after month. Unless you already telecommuted, you probably weren’t set up to have mom and dad working from home with the kids out of school. 

Distractions from all sides can make getting work done tough. Without the option to trade off on trips to the coffeeshop, maybe it’s time to consider adding a home office. That spare bedroom can be converted into his and her cubicles, and strict “no knocking unless there’s a fire” rules enforced.

Is There a Bathroom Bottleneck?

Just because there’s no early morning rush to get everyone out the door doesn’t mean there can’t be a line in the hallway. If your son is tired of constantly waiting on his sister to finish her makeover in the mirror, or you simply can’t abide your spouse’s hour long shower, maybe it’s time for an addition. 

An extra bathroom can raise your home’s worth, reduce friction, and make everyone feel happier. A half-bath can increase your home value by 10% or more, and a full bathroom addition can double that amount. 

Are You Indulging in Pandemic Cookery?

Did the global health crisis send you to the baking aisle? Across the country, people found solace in baking – but maybe your kitchen wasn’t as comfy as it could have been. This is another high impact area of your home.

Kitchens are the most expensive area of your Florida home to remodel, but you can minimize costs and still recoup around 80% of your investment at resale time. Consider replacing cabinet facings and countertops instead of doing a complete rip-out, and investing in time savers like a high-end air fryer and InstaPot over all new professional appliances.

Craving outdoor time?

Another great way to relieve the social distancing blues is to decide on an outdoor home improvement project and get the whole family involved. Consider building a back deck, erecting a gazebo, creating a butterfly garden, or building a sophisticated barbecue nook.

You can build a sturdy man-cave or a welcoming she-shed, or design an incredible miniature playground so your kids can enjoy playtime out-of-doors while you get some much needed “me time”. The possibilities are endless. 

Extra time on your hands? Now is a great opportunity to DIY a home renovation that improves your whole family’s quality of life. Wondering how upgrades can positively impact your homeowners insurance premiums? Run your plans by an Olympus Insurance agent today.

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