Has Your Insurance Agent Talked to You About Additional Coverages?

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Does your insurance policy need an endorsement for extra coverage?

This is the third in our insurance agent series. This week we’re looking at your additional coverages. Has your agent talked to you about endorsements or supplemental policies? Do you need additional coverage to adequately protect your high-value belongings?

Most standard homeowner policies (HO3)  have limits and caps on coverage for certain types of items. You’ll also find that some circumstances or types of loss may be excluded entirely. A major role of your insurance agent is to make sure you fully understand what is covered and what isn’t, so you can protect your home and personal property.

Coverage areas that could benefit from a second look include:

Personal Property

If you have valuable or luxury items, they may not be fully covered by a standard homeowners policy (HO3). They may also not be covered in case of theft or “mysterious loss.” 

A scheduled personal property endorsement can allow you to insure each high-end item at its appraised cost with no deductible, and protect you in case of theft or mysterious loss.

Your agent should ask you if you have any expensive belongings whose value could exceed your current coverage limits or sub-limits. Items commonly covered as scheduled personal property include:

Enhanced Coverage Packages

You might be considering multiple endorsements to cover a wide range of items, circumstances, and potential losses. Whether you need to increase liability limits, cover business equipment kept at your residence for days you work at home, or cover your refrigerated goods in case of a power outage, there’s an endorsement  for that need. Olympus offers an exclusive Spartan Enhanced Coverage Package that includes all of the above for a minimal cost each year.


If you live in Florida, your property is at risk for flood. Discussions with your licensed insurance agent can include making sure you understand that a standard homeowners policy (HO3) does NOT include flood, and helping you make arrangements for a supplemental flood policy or flood endorsement. 

All of these coverages are common additions or supplements to basic homeowners insurance. Without them, you could be left without vital protection in your time of need. Your insurance agent’s priority is looking out for you and educating you on these optional endorsements and supplemental policies. 

Next week, we’ll look at potential discounts and ways to lower your premium or deductibles, and what your agent should be asking you about when you shop for standard homeowners HO3 coverage.

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