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From the Olympus Claims Team: Home Rental Horror Stories 

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From the Olympus Claims Team: Home Rental Horror Stories 

Sometimes the strangest stories come up when it comes to insurance claims filed by homeowners. From dogs and cats turning on faucets and flooding buildings, to phone chargers or golf carts catching on fire, there are hundreds of home mishaps that can result in a claim.  

Many of the oddest claims come from homeowners who rent out their Florida home during off season – only to return and find their tenants have caused havoc.  

Indoor Beach 

One family came back to their Florida property at the end of the summer to discover that the nearby beach had not been enough for their tenants who had created an entire indoor beach, complete with sand and water. 

Hoarder Tenants 

In many cases, Florida tenants have been found to be hoarding – whether unused items, collectibles, garbage, or even animals. In one case, a woman had to be evicted from a Florida home she was renting because her massive toy collection was crammed in so tightly it was deemed a fire hazard. In other cases, hoarding attracted pests and vermin, causing major damage to the rental home. 

Kill It with Fire 

Someone took the joking adage to heart in one California home and ignited spray from a Raid can with a lighter when trying to kill a large spider. The spider ran around the apartment and set it on fire, causing major damage. Similar events have occurred in ArizonaTexasKansas, and Seattle. This could absolutely happen in Florida, where large banana and wolf spiders abound. 

There Goes the Neighborhood 

It’s not just the landlord who has to put up with unruly tenants, it’s the neighbors. One Glenvar Heights neighborhood had to endure damage done to the entire neighborhood by tenants of a real life Animal House rented to students who held wild block parties.   

Common Tenant Damage 

Some of the more routine ways a tenant can cause damage to your home include: 

Protecting Your Investment 

There are several things you can do to help reduce your risk of tenant damage if you choose to rent out your Florida home: 

Renting out your Florida home should be a positive experience for everyone. Careful screening of tenants and consideration of using a property manager can help you avoid tenant horror stories. If you do end up with tenant damage that is covered by landlord insurance, the Olympus Claims Team will aid you in filing a claim. 


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