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From the Olympus Claims Team: Fire Hazards No-One Ever Expected 

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Damage caused by home fires is usually covered by your homeowners insurance.  However, although most fire damage claims are related to blazes that start in the kitchen (41% of home fires start as cooking fires), there are many fire hazards that most homeowners may not have ever considered. 

Golf Carts Pose a Fire Hazard  

For example, the Olympus Insurance Claims Team recently handled a claim for a house fire that started in the garage of a home where a golf cart had been parked after use. The golf cart caught on fire, and the blaze rapidly spread to the rest of the home, resulting in a total loss. 

Golf carts have been a known home fire hazard for years, especially in Florida, where many community residents use golf carts as an alternative to cars for getting around their neighborhoods. However, charging the electric carts can lead to fires, usually from owners overfilling the battery with distilled water before plugging it in, and lack of ventilation around the vehicle. This can lead to the release and buildup of dangerous hydrogen gas, endangering homeowners and increasing the chances of a fire.  

Golf cart fire risks can be lowered by following charging directions to the letter; ensuring that water is only added to the fill line in the lead battery, and ensuring that there is plenty of room around the cart and adequate ventilation. 

Other Potential Fire Hazards 

The Olympus Claims Team also reports that several common hazards can exist in the average home that increase the risk of fire, but most are completely preventable. 

Each year, about 1 home out of every 300 homes insured in the state of Florida will experience a fire. The average claim amount is $50,000 in damages. Having a fire safety plan can help reduce your chances of a home fire, and having a complete home inventory can assist you if you ever have to file a claim. The Olympus Claims Team is always ready to help you in time of need.   


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