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Florida Condominium Insurance

Our first priority at Olympus Insurance is to make sure that you and your family are protected in the event of an emergency. Our Condominium Insurance is designed to protect you and your condo investment.

Owners of condo units in multi-family developments have different insurance needs than those who own a single-family residence. Condo owners may need two different insurance policies to protect their investment. The first is typically provided by the condominium association. This is a master insurance policy covering the building exterior as well as walkways, lawns, courtyards, parks, and other common grounds. The second insurance policy is purchased by you, the condo owner, that covers insuring interiors walls, flooring, cabinets, appliances, personal property, and personal liability. Proof of insurance is usually required at the time you purchase your condo, which makes it crucial to carefully review your sales agreement details. Should the condo association’s master policy fail to insure the entire structure, you will need a traditional homeowner’s insurance policy.

Condominium insurance is not a one size fits all policy. Each condo owner has a different set of insurance needs. Some of the most popular condominium insurance coverage options Olympus offers include:

Olympus agents are experienced at interpreting sales agreements and master policy parameters to ensure the right coverage for your situation. For expert guidance, locate the Olympus agent near you.

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