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Five Things About Olympus Our Policyholders Love


Five Things About Olympus Our Policyholders Love

Five Things About Olympus Our Policyholders Love

If you have an Olympus homeowners insurance policy, you know why we’re one of the most trusted insurers in Florida. If you are getting ready to shop for homeowners insurance in Florida, here are five reasons to get in touch with an Olympus Insurance agent and find out why so many policyholders choose the Olympus Difference.

Comprehensive Coverage

Not all homeowners insurance policies are the same. For Florida homeowners, restrictions and exclusions can fill up a policy and leave you wondering exactly what is covered. With Olympus, your standard homeowners (HO3) policy includes full replacement coverage for pool screens and enclosures. You can also obtain extra coverage for personal property in case of accidental misplacement or loss.

Competitive Rates

Florida homeowners insurance rates keep climbing, thanks to AOB fraud and unpredictable weather patterns. Olympus maintains a strong campaign across the state to fight fraud and help keep rates for newer, high value homes competitive. In addition, premiums can be lowered on homes that qualify for a hip roof credit or credits associated with security systems.

Lower Deductibles

When a hurricane hits, the last thing homeowners want to do is figure out where to find the extra cash to meet a claim deductible that is 2% of the insured value of the home. Olympus offers the option to have a flat rate deductible for hurricane damage; for just a slight increase in your monthly premium, you can have a $500 or $1,000 deductible to make recovery from a significant weather event less traumatizing for your bank account.

Additional Coverage Options

If you have expensive personal property or work equipment stored at your home, a standard homeowners policy may not offer adequate coverage. With Olympus, you can cover high value items under a scheduled personal property policy or by purchasing Spartan Enhanced Coverage to raise your overall coverage limits.

Customer Service

When a homeowner who has an Olympus policy needs help, there’s an entire team standing ready. During recent hurricane events, Olympus had teams on the ground swiftly to provide fast relief, and the claim team worked for policyholders around the clock. Olympus provides support to both agents and homeowners in the form of helpful blogs, a closely managed social media presence, and a continually updated FAQ.

With all there is to love, it’s no surprise that many homeowners choose to have their Florida homes and personal property insured by Olympus Insurance. An agent near you can give you more information and help you choose the best policy for your needs.

About Olympus Insurance Company

Headquartered in Palm Beach Gardens, FL and founded in 2007, Olympus Insurance Company specializes in Florida property insurance. Through its independent agency force, Olympus insures $40 billion worth of residential and investment property including homes, condos, rental property, and valuable personal property, with umbrella coverage and Spartan Enhanced Coverage available. Coverage for individual risks up to $5 million in total insured value is provided on one of the most comprehensive coverage forms in the industry.

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