Five Recommendations to Increase Home Security

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Theft is the fifth most likely cause of a homeowners insurance claim, and the average value of items taken totals more than $4,000 per household. Making your home an unattractive target is one of the best ways to cut down on property loss from theft or burglary. Here are five ways to help protect your property and prevent break-ins.

  1. Install a monitored security alarm system. Only around 17% of homes have an active security system installed, but this remains one of the most effective prevention techniques; in one survey, 83% of house thieves admitted that they specifically look to see if a house has a security alarm when casing a neighborhood, and 60% of surveyed burglars say they would change their mind if there was one installed. However, only around 17% of homes have an active security system installed. Adding a system could provide you with a lowered risk of burglary and could possibly even lower your home insurance premium.
  2. Vary your routine. Potential thieves watching your neighborhood will mark your home off the potential target list as high risk if your routine isn’t dependable, so consider coming home once a week on a random day and at a random time. You can also create signs of varied activity when you are on vacation by asking a neighbor to collect mail and set trash cans out, as well as using timers to turn lights on and off and operate sprinkler systems.  
  3. Add basic security measures. You can implement motion sensor lighting to help thwart attempted burglaries at night, and mount cameras that can are triggered to record while the light is on. Reinforce door locks with stronger screws, and go for heavy deadbolts for added protection. Sliding doors can be secured with a rod, and C-clamps utilized to seal garage doors from the inside.
  4. Enable a smart hub for security. In addition to monitored security, you can enhance your home’s safety with a smart home hub and security system designed to keep you informed at all times in regard to any activity in or around your home.
  5. Add Spartan Enhanced Coverage. Olympus policyholders can purchase the Spartan Enhanced Coverage package, an endorsement that increases protection against loss of personal items from theft, with higher limits than a standard HO3 policy.

If you have concerns about home break-ins or theft, following these suggestions can help give you peace of mind and lower your risk of a burglary.

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