Five Reasons to Love Olympus Homeowners Insurance Coverage

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Across the state of Florida, homeowners trust Olympus to cover their homes and protect their property. Whether it’s blue skies or stormy weather, Olympus focuses on being there for homeowners, delivering peace of mind and the knowledge that the most comprehensive coverage is available to be customized to your needs.

If you don’t already have an Olympus policy, here are some great reasons to explore your options in 2019:

Our Standard Homeowners (HO3) Policy

Even our most basic policy delivers incredible coverage, including protection for many items and against many situations other policies might exclude. Ask your agent what your current policy has to say about your backyard fence, and then compare it to Olympus HO3 coverage, which provides actual cash value if your fence is destroyed by a storm or other covered peril.

Our Hurricane Deductibles

With most policies, a percentage based deductible applies in case of a hurricane. The most commonly offered deductible is equal to 2% the insured value of your home – so hurricane damage to a $500,000 home could leave you responsible for the first $10,000 in damages. With Olympus, you can opt for a low, flat rate hurricane deductible of $500 or $1,000, for just a small increase in your annual premium.

Our Coverage for Pool Enclosures

One of the main perks of living in Florida is often a house with an in-ground pool. State regulations require that pools be enclosed, but when a storm tears down your pool enclosure, your insurance policy may not see it as a covered loss – or could opt to only pay for one type of component. Don’t worry: with Olympus, your attached pool enclosure screens and frames are both covered at full replacement cost.

Our Special Benefits for Policyholders

In addition to incredible HO3 coverage, Olympus offers Scheduled Personal Property Coverage to provide protection for your luxury items, and Spartan Enhanced Coverage to increase your coverage limits across the board. We even provide policyholders with savings and discounts on car rental, new home purchases, Disney vacations, and more through our BenefitHub membership program, included with every policy.

Our Claims Service

One in fifteen insured homes will have a homeowners insurance claim in 2019. The Olympus Claims Team springs into action when a policyholder files a claim, and our adjusters work with you to assess the damage and determine the loss. We also provide a comprehensive insurance claims kit to help prepare homeowners in the event of a severe weather event like a hurricane, and travel to affected areas to provide emergency assistance in the aftermath of a catastrophic storm.

Are you ready to fall in love with your homeowners insurance carrier? Ask your agent to quote you for an Olympus policy today.

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