Five Gift Ideas for Seniors to Make Their Homes Safer 

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It’s holiday season, and time to think about gifts for the loved ones in your life. If your list of close friends and family members includes a senior or two, the gift of safety could be the most loving present of all. 

Home Monitoring 

Seniors can be targets for bolder home invaders, who hope for valuables and a resident who will be easy to subdue. Having a home security system can reduce the likelihood of a residence being targeted, and can also provide monitoring of situations that could require help exiting the building in case of fire or another emergency.  

Extra Security 

Door security bars can provide added safety and privacy. A sensor that lets inhabitants know when a door or window is left ajar is another good idea. A timed recording that reminds seniors to check doors and windows before bed can also be useful if memory issues are starting to crop up. 

Anti-Scald Valves 

Outside of injuries to children, most scald burns happen to the elderly, and can lead to further complications such as a fall or a heart attack. Setting the water temperature on a water heater below 140 F can create a breeding ground for bacteria, but it only takes half a second to get a scald burn from water that is 140 F or hotter.  

An anti-scald valve allows regulation of water temperature at the sink or tub faucet or at the showerhead, preventing scald burns and helping to keep seniors safer. Having one installed can help keep extremely hot water from taking a senior by surprise in the shower or in the kitchen.  

Medical Alert Devices 

Seniors are often forced to move out of their homes by relatives who fear they will become injured from a fall or other mishap and no-one will know. With a medical alert device, a senior who has fallen can easily call for help simply by pressing a button. 

As an added precaution, many devices now link to phone apps, allowing you to “check in” by sending an audible beep to the wearable device. If your senior doesn’t respond by pressing a button to “beep” back, you’ll know to go check on them or send aid. 

Air Quality Sensors  

Help your senior be aware of unsafe conditions by presenting them with an automated home sensor system. A smart home hub connected to air quality sensors can be used to monitor smoke detectors, CO2 detectors, moisture levels around pipes, and air quality (even allergen levels). If an issue arises, the hub can alert them and you via a compatible phone app, allowing the situation to be investigated and the home evacuated if necessary.   

These five gift ideas can help make it safer for seniors to live alone, while giving you peace of mind.  


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