Olympus Insurance Shines with secondary home protection in Florida

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As a single state insurer, Olympus Insurance calls Florida home, which means we have a great deal of expertise in serving homeowners in this state. One niche Olympus has gradually carved out is insuring second homes not intended for rental purposes. “No one else in the market has the ability like we do to cater these types of policies and customize them to a preferred clientele living in Florida,” explained Olympus Regional Product Manager of Northwest Florida, Amy Banning. “Standard, cookie cutter policies just don’t serve these policy holders well so what we have been able to develop is a valuable, quality product that has pricing mechanisms built in to provide the best possible rate for superior, tailored coverage.” There’s no need to compromise on the coverage of your second home with a selected risk dwelling and fire policy when you have the option of Olympus’s comprehensive HO3 all risk homeowners policy and optional Spartan Enhanced Coverage.

What’s different about insuring a secondary home in Florida? 

There are quite a few differences in insuring second homes in Florida. As an expert in the industry in the state, Olympus understands our various types of properties, homeowner demographic and unique exposure to various risks. Amy Banning noted, “There’s quite a bit of exposure you face in Florida, particularly related to weather—like wind, hail and flood.”

Florida secondary homes are typically seasonal, meaning the owner lives elsewhere and chooses to come here for the season. Usually, the properties are more valuable, well maintained, secured and guarded. Many are located on or very near the ocean or other waterways. Many have pool cage enclosures. Factoring in all of these things (and more), Olympus has subsequently created policies with superior coverage for a select clientele.

Why Olympus insurance for a secondary home?                       

We’ve got secondary homes covered in a variety of ways! Olympus Regional Product Manager of Southwest Florida Janice McCann said, “The big difference between Olympus and our competitors is that we offer more customization. We don’t force you to strip off or keep coverages you don’t want or need. You get exactly what you want for a fair price, and it actually ends up being a better policy—particularly when you add the Spartan Enhanced Coverage.”

Here are some of ways Olympus shines in Florida secondary home insurance:

Your second home shouldn’t play second fiddle! See how Olympus Insurance can tailor a comprehensive homeowners insurance policy on your secondary home in Florida. Visit www.OlympusInsurance.com for more information.



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