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Floridians are experts at surviving, and even thriving, natural disasters. Let’s face it: throughout the past decade, Florida has been devastated by severe weather events including flooding and major hurricanes. Although our latest battle is being fought on a global level, as Floridians, we are working hard to keep our local communities alive (even when being forced to do so from the insides of our homes). Weathering adversity together is nothing new to Floridians.

Many times, a crisis can bring about difficulties which may not have been anticipated, and affect the most vulnerable of people.  

Toilet Paper

TP has been at the top of everyone’s mind, so much so that early days saw massive runs on toilet paper (it’s still a hard to come by item). Factories have as much as doubled their output, but supply chain concerns can still make it hard for the product to reach store shelves.

One Florida teenager launched his own website to track appearances of hard-to-find items like toilet paper and hand sanitizer across Florida stores. Meanwhile, DIY’ers created videos of how to make your own toilet paper at home.

Empty Store Shelves

Stores are struggling with panic buying and supply chain difficulties, leaving shelves empty of in-demand items for days or even weeks at a time. Those that do have product are adjusting their hours to allow for restocking at night and on weekends, and rationing sales of certain items to only one or two per customer. 

Restaurants are among those businesses most heavily affected by the shutdowns, and many have turned their businesses temporarily into small groceries, food-marts or bodegas. Most are selling off perishable and frozen items as well as stocking in-demand dry goods to meet the needs of customers in their local communities. 

Being Good Neighbors

Floridians help Floridians, and during a pandemic, there are no exceptions.  It’s important that we all do our part in being good neighbors, looking out for those who are most vulnerable in times like these.  Here, we offer up a few ideas for how you can continue to help your community:

COVID-19 has, no doubt, impacted our citizens and our economy, but when we work together, we can all be part of the solution. Visit the Olympus Insurance website for a list of COVID-19 related resources available to Floridians.

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