7 Tips for Preparing your Florida Home for Occupancy

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7 Tips for Preparing your Florida Home for Occupancy

7 Tips for Preparing your Florida Home for Occupancy

If you own a vacation home in Florida, right after the holidays is when you’ll typically be packing up and heading south for the rest of the winter. Congratulations – you’re a snowbird!

Moving back into your Florida home can be an almost seamless transition if you plan everything in advance. Here are seven things you can do to help make relocating to a warmer climate as stress-free as possible.

Arrange for paused services to be restarted

Many service providers – such as cable, internet, and phone providers – offer the option for snowbirds to “pause” services in the months they don’t occupy their home. Calling ahead to ensure services are on again when you arrive means you won’t be without your technological comforts.

Notify your financial institutions of your relocation. 

Florida ranks highest out of all states for credit card fraud, so it’s no surprise that summer residents of Michigan suddenly find their credit cards frozen the first time they try to use them in the Sunshine State. This can be avoided by contacting your financial institution ahead of time, and asking them to note in your file that your credit or debit cards may be used in Florida for several months.

Bring your medical records and prescriptions

If you may need a refill during your time down South, make sure to bring your current prescriptions and your doctor’s information. Also have a copy of your basic medical records with you in case you need emergency care while in Florida.

Review your car insurance

Check with your auto insurer to make sure your car is insured while you are in Florida. If you stay in Florida more than 90 days, you’ll probably have to comply with Florida’s registration and insurance laws, which may differ from those in your home state.

Turn the water on

If you had the water turned off while you were away, you’ll need to restart service. If you left the water on, a sensor and app combination that alerts you if there is a water leak could prevent water damage. (If you arrive at your Florida home and notice water damage, as an Olympus policyholder you can call us immediately.

Tax season could come sooner than you think

If you’ll be in Florida past April 15th, bring all necessary documentation to have your taxes prepared and filed on time.

Review your homeowners insurance policy

Your Florida homeowners insurance policy should be reviewed with your agent at least once a year to make sure your coverage is adequate. Know what is covered and what is not; understand how much your different deductibles are; and avoid common misconceptions about homeowners insurance.

By following these steps to prepare for a return to your Florida home, you can make the switch from your winter residence to your summer house an easy one.

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