Ask Your Agent Series, Part 3: What is wind mitigation, and how can it benefit me?

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Welcome to the continuation of our latest article series from Olympus Insurance. In October, we’re focusing on questions policyholders should be planning to ask their insurance agents, and that agents should be prepared to answer. 

Our third topic is wind mitigation. Has your home been bolstered against potential damage from wind? Can you qualify for a homeowners insurance premium credit as a result? Here’s what Florida homeowners need to know.

Why do I need wind mitigation?

During a storm, if wind enters your home through a compromised window, door, or skylight, the pressure in your home doubles. This means the roof can literally be blown off from the inside due to the external and internal pressures involved. You can also end up with severe damage done to property inside your home if wind enters and brings rain or debris with it. Wind mitigation can prevent wind from gaining entry into your home.

What does wind mitigation consist of?

Wind mitigation is a grouping of home improvements that can help block wind from entry by providing “opening protection.” Openings to your home include all doors (including garage doors), windows, skylights, and main vents. You may strengthen and protect these openings by installing impact-resistant glass, hurricane shutters, and vent covers. You can also invest in a hurricane-rated garage door and outward swinging, impact-resistant exterior doors. All materials should meet standards for opening protection laid out by the Florida Building Code

Which homeowners insurance credit can I apply for?

All Florida insurance companies must offer opening protection discounts to property owners who institute appropriate wind mitigation. A home mitigation verification inspection must be completed, and the opening protection portion of the inspection passed to determine if you can qualify for these discounts. 

To qualify for an opening protection credit, all exterior entries and glazed exterior openings (including doors, windows, skylights and main vents, but excluding roof ridge, gable, soffit and plumbing vents), must be completely covered with impact-resistant protective materials. 

Inspection officials will look for the following:

Most opening protection products that would qualify your home for a credit will be labeled as having been laboratory tested to withstand debris driven by hurricane level winds. 

By improving your home’s wind resistance, you can not only improve your chances of qualifying for the opening protection homeowners insurance credit, but can enhance the value of your home and the safety of its contents. 

Wondering if you qualify for a wind mitigation credit? Ask your agent today.

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