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Al Purmort Insurance

Al Purmort Insurance in Sarasota, Fla., recently celebrated 33 years in business, a significant milestone for an independent insurance agency, noted Patrick Del Medico, Chief Operating Officer.  Insurance has been in the Purmort blood for five generations backed by exceptional service that includes expert guidance and ultimately cost effective, comprehensive insurance programs for clients. What began with $250,000 in annual revenue the first year has successfully blossomed into annual revenue of $3 million and a dedicated staff of 22.

“We’ve been with Olympus seven years this February,” said Patrick, who deeply values the flexibility, high end service and consistency that Olympus offers. “The fact that we are growing, have maintained a low loss ratio and high retention rate at 95%-plus tells a great story about the partnership we have been able to develop.”

“We only try to write higher tier carriers with strong reinsurance ability like Olympus,” added Andrea Allison, Al Purmort Insurance Agent/Personal Lines Manager and Executive Producer. “Furthermore, they offer a variety of customized, robust policy solutions like the Spartan enhancement at fair pricing to cover diverse client needs. The claims process has been strong and positive and has reinforced our respect and belief in Olympus.”

Andrea noted that the educational process surrounding coverages and endorsements is critical. A significant part of policy education entails addressing common misunderstandings about property insurance—like explaining sinkholes versus catastrophic collapse. “People think that a sinkhole is a catastrophic collapse and it is not. It’s an optional coverage that’s hard to get. Having this opportunity to inform homeowners from both inside and outside of Florida about this peril as well as hurricanes and floods and how they can best protect themselves sets us apart from the competition,” said Andrea.

Al Purmort Insurance is very involved in the local community, a legacy established by Al Purmort, Sr. and his wife Cerita. That mindset has continued and grown with Al Purmort, Jr. and Patrick. The agency was recently awarded the Greater Good Award in the insurance category by Biz 941 magazine, recognizing businesses who have given back to the local community more than anyone else. “Over the last several years, we have invested over $100,000 back into the local community,” said Patrick. “At last count, we insure close to 50 non-profits in the area. We not only protect our clients, but we invest in them as well.” In addition, employees donate their time to various groups and rally support from co-workers—like the recent shoe drive that collected almost 50 pairs for those in need.  “We have a huge commitment to being philanthropic and giving back. It’s in our culture, we take it very seriously, and we also enjoy it,” said Patrick.oi_spotlight2

This employee dedication is a reflection of the company’s motto: “All In.” “It goes back to the family culture of always doing the right thing,” explained Patrick. “No one comes into work with the mindset that this is just my job. Anyone here can answer the phone and find an answer to a customer’s question. This comes from Al, Sr. who started the business. If he didn’t have the answer, he would find it. He was committed to finding solutions for clients, and that approach filtered into our motto. That’s what differentiates us. While we’re growing and getting bigger, we’ll never be too big to say, ‘That’s not my job’ or ‘I can’t help you.’”

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