9 Great Gifts for New Homeowners

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When someone buys a new home, a housewarming party is a great way to celebrate such an important milestone. What do you give a new homeowner who seems to have it all? These nine gifts aren’t just practical and fun – they’ll be appreciated for the added value and security they provide. 

Keep up the Curb Appeal 

A home just off the market probably looks amazing from the street – the sellers worked hard to increase the curb appeal with a freshly cut lawn, a new coat of paint, and some nice curtains or blinds. Keeping the home looking great long term can be accomplished with: 

  1. A remote lawnmower. These are like a Roomba for the yard – the best models can be set to mow on a schedule, recognize when it’s raining, work around lawn furniture, and keep the grass at optimal levels. 
  2. A robot window washer. Do your friends not do windows? No problem. A safe way to wash windows even outside on second or third floors exists in a handy gadget that provides a sparkling shine on every pane of glass. 
  3. Solar paint? Since a new home usually requires painting within 5-10 years of purchase, chip in with friends for a repainting fund (Paint that can literally suck up the sun’s energy and store it is supposed to hit the market before the next decade is up.) 

Step up the Smarts 

The future has arrived, with hundreds of gadgets and apps to make our homes more like the Jetsons than we ever thought possible. Increase the IQ of a home easily with any of the following: 

  1. Smart hubs. The best smart hubs will hook into many functions of a house, and be accessible and operable via tablet, iPhone, or Android smartphone. Many hubs work in synch with major companies like Amazon, Apple, or Google – and large manufacturers like Phillips or GE. 
  2. Smart apps. New homeowners can use apps to track their home’s temperature, turn lights off and on remotely, and even receive alerts if a hidden water leak starts up and increases humidity. A subscription to some of the pricier ones is a great gift. 
  3. Smart streaming. Entertainment in the new home can be streamlined and made more accessible with a smart streaming device. Whether the homeowner is a gamer, lives for new release movies, or is an incorrigible Netflix buff, there’s a great streaming option out there just for them. 

Beef up the Security 

A good home security system is one of the easiest ways to lower home insurance premiums, thanks to the fact that they can lower the risk of home burglary by 60% or more. Consider gifting one of these options: 

  1. Door locks. Upgrading front and back door locks is one of the first things security specialists and neighborhood watch programs recommend.  
  2. Home security cameras. Most systems can hook into a home or tablet using wifi, making it easy to see what’s going on in or outside the residence.  
  3. Motion sensor lighting. A home that is well lit is more secure, and when lights come on abruptly they can alarm a would-be intruder and scare them off.  

Know a new homeowner? Consider these gifts – they are longer lasting than a new coffeemaker, and can provide even bigger benefits than caffeine on demand. 


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